Video Production Estimate

This calculator is only used to estimate pricing and is not a binding quotation. Actual pricing will vary based on many factors that cannot be included here. Please contact us so we can get you an exact quotation -- the final rate is often less than is quoted here.

At first glance this may seem overly complicated. We'd like to simplify it too. But the complexity of this page is to your benefit -- the goal is to only include the things you need so you don't have to pay for those you don't, unlike package deals which generally aren't in your favor.

Start with a Sample Template: then customize at will...

This is only an estimate of pricing and is not binding. Actual pricing will vary based on many factors that cannot be included here. Please contact us directly for an exact quotation.

My event lasts calendar days, with hours (per day) of it being recorded/streamed.

CollapseVideo Switching

A Switcher is the device that allows selection or combination of video sources from multiple cameras while your event is happening. It selects which camera is 'live,' while adding additional elements like graphics. BulStream has three switchers: one in our MPU (van), and two smaller mobile units.

The Technical Director is the person who operates the switcher. A Director tells the camera operators what shots to get, and chooses which ones will go live, while the Technical Director operates the equipment to make that happen. For smaller productions, a Technical Director will often handle both tasks.

The Engineer is in charge of making sure the equipment is setup, configured, and working properly, and making sure that the images coming from all of the cameras match and look good. Our engineer is required for all multi-camera productions, but can be available to fill in another role during the event when budget is a concern.

The BulStream MPU (production van) includes everything to generate better-than-broadcast quality video and audio in one ready-to-go vehicle. Full video and audio capabilities are available, such as switching between up to 20 cameras, animated graphics, top-quality audio, instant replay, and video playback just to name a few. While the per-hour cost may be higher than other options, greatly reduced setup and tear-down time, and elimination of the need to do most editing in post production usually more than makes up the difference.

Both the equipment and an engineer to set it up and run it are required for most multi-camera jobs. If you are on a tight budget the supplied engineer can act as Technical Director or perform most any other job.

This equipment fee includes all of the equipment to switch multiple cameras -- the switcher, routing equipment, cabling, display monitors, video recorders, any necessary converters, and an intercom system to talk to camera operators, but cameras and operators are billed separately.

We proudly use Blackmagic Design ATEM Production Studio 4K switchers with custom control software.

This setup will allow us to select between up to 8 cameras live for recording or streaming. Some services like graphics, video playback, and full-service audio production are limited or unavailable. Setup, testing, and tear-down times will be significantly longer with this option than the MPU.

The technical director operates the video switching equipment, and for smaller productions will provide instructions to camera operators. A technical director of some kind is required for all multi-camera productions. However, for lower budget projects, the Engineer can step in and assume the Director role, assuming it will be okay to let technical issues slide until there's a break in the schedule.
The director is responsible for making sure that camera operators provide the shots that are needed to cover an event. It is more of a creative role than technical. For smaller productions, the Technical Director can usually function in both roles, so a director isn't necessarily required, but is recommended for projects involving more than 4-5 cameras, as it becomes difficult to handle all tasks when the size of productions begins to scale.
CollapseCameras and Operators

We recommend a minimum of three cameras of some kind for most events. In most cases the majority of these are tripod-mounted cameras. Having three cameras gives us enough flexibility to make a production look as if it has been professionally produced. At any given time one camera is live, one is ready to go live, and one is positioning for a new shot. It also gives three different perspectives, which adds variety and makes it easier to make sure that everything happening during an event is covered.

Shooting events with just two cameras is possible, but it limits the variety of shots and can potentially be difficult on camera operators, as they never have a chance to take a breather.

The camera equipment fee includes the camera, tripod, intercom, and display monitor for each camera operator. In most cases you'll want to have BulStream provide the camera operators, so make sure the 'Crew' value matches the 'Equipment Quantity' value.

We proudly use the Sony PMW-EX1 Full HD camera as our standard camera, which provides excellent image quality, excellent low-light handling capabilities, and 12X zoom as standard. This is a great general-purpose camera that is perfectly suited for live events.

The premium cameras are a Blackmagic Design Ursa Broadcast G2 or Panasonic GH5. They require a more skilled operator and very controlled lighting.

These types of cameras are not well suited to long-form events due to the physical demand of holding a camera for long periods of time. To reduce the physical demand on camera operators we typically use the lightweight but high quality Sony PMW-EX1 1080p FullHD camera. If a higher-end camera is desired the equipment rate and operator rate will vary.

Wired mobile cameras usually require a helper to wrangle the cable. If BulStream provides a cable wrangler the rate is €50.00 per day.

A maximum of two wireless cameras can be used at one time. Wireless range may be limited, and the signal usually will not travel through walls or other obstacles. Wireless cameras work best outdoors.
Robotic cameras are desirable in places where it is impractical, impossible, or dangerous to have a camera operator. They also can produce a smoother shot than a human operator. One PTZ operator can often control several cameras, though we don't recommend more than about three or four at a time. Our standard PTZ camera is the Sony SRG-300SE, using proprietary control hardware and software.
These are unmanned, motionless, small cameras that can capture a static shot and are often tiny and are hidden. This can include document cameras, overhead cameras, and more.
A jib is the crane you often see being used at concerts. The shots that they create are very dynamic and really make a video feel high-end and professional.
These are what are often called Steadicams, and while our stabilizer is similar, it is made by another brand. The rate includes the stabilizer, camera, and an operator.
CollapseVirtual Events / Remote Participants & Presenters

We have a lot experience doing virtual events over Zoom, Teams, and other platforms, and know how to do them very professionally. We'll make everything smooth and easy for you.

We can handle meetings of any size, but when we have to wrangle more than a handful of participants it requires much more time for setup and testing. The rates here reflect the complexity.

We prefer to keep virtual meetings to just those that will be hosting or presenting. Other viewers should watch on standard streaming service like YouTube, Vimeo, Wowza, etc.

CollapseVideo Upgrades
These add-ons are optional, but can really step up the game and make you stand out.
We have the equipment to connect laptops with HDMI, USB-C, and DisplayPort to our video switcher.
No more than four cameras can be given slow motion capability. Only one Slo-Mo operator is required.
We have PowerPoint, Keynote, and video playback capability, as well as software to generate basic sports score graphics and title screens. For other types of graphics we will need to create these in Pre-Production or coordinate with a graphic designer.
BulStream offers full-service lighting for most smaller events, and has companies we work with for larger events. We'll need to discuss your needs prior to providing an estimate.

A great video requires great audio to go with it. This can be as simple as supplying the presenter with a microphone, or as complicated as dozens of microphones with towers of speakers to fill the room with sound.

We're happy to supply audio equipment, but if you elect for someone else to do it we'll need an audio feed from them to include in the video recording.

Connecting to a venue or customer-supplied audio feed is included with the base package.
Lavalier microphones are the ones that pin to a shirt. Headset microphones are worn on the head.
We have both wired and wireless handheld microphones.
Please contact us if you are unsure what types of microphones you will need.
Please contact us if you are unsure what types of microphones you will need.
A pair of these speakers are large enough to fill a room of approximately 25x25 feet with spoken material, and light music. Amplification is included. We proudly use FBT speakers for the highest quality audio.
A pair of these speakers are large enough to fill a room of approximately 50x50 feet with spoken material and music. Amplification is included. We proudly use FBT speakers for the highest quality audio.
A pair of these speakers are large enough to fill a room of approximately 100x100 feet. They are stackable to accommodate larger rooms, and are powerful enough for full-volume voice or music reproduction. Amplification is included. We proudly use FBT speakers for the highest quality audio.
For arena-size events we contract with partner companies to provide audio. Rates vary.
Our subwoofers only work with the 'Large Speakers' above. We proudly use FBT speakers for the highest quality audio.
The small audio mixer can handle up to 8 audio sources like microphones, laptops, music playback. Audio quality will be good, but not as good as our Large audio mixer below.
Our large audio mixer can handle 40 audio sources and supports Dante audio networking technology for easy integration with many venues' sound systems and with our production van.
CollapseDelivery & Streaming
How would you like the finished product delivered? We can connect to projectors, stream over the Internet, and provide a copy of the recording to you on hard disk drives or memory cards.
Projectors are nice to let a local audience see everything that is going on. We can connect to projectors using HDMI, SDI, or VGA.
Live Internet Streaming: To: No. of Viewers:
Live streaming is available at up to 1080p via a huge number of online services, including YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Ustream, Wowza, and many others. 4K is available at select providers. The data rate is approximately 3 GB per hour for 1080p streams, or 6 GB per hour for 4K. A sustained minimum upload rate of approximately 6 Mbps is required for reliable 1080p streams, 12 Mbps for 4K. Please contact us for more information on streaming options.
Finished Media Delivery:
If you provide all of the required recording media your finished product will be available minutes after the event is over. Copying files to a drive will take approximately 3 hours.
Miscellaneous Options:
Select any options you'd like to apply.

Everything else not covered above.

Pre-Production Hr €30.00
Pre-Production refers to any work done before an event. In this case, that usually means creation of or locating media assets like graphics, videos, and music, along with any rehearsals or training of staff or participants.
Gofer €50.00
A Gofer is an additional helper to run things around and make sure that equipment and crew are getting the required attention. One gofer is recommended for events longer than 2 hours.
Travel Expenses: Event is Located In
There is no travel charge for events in Sofia, Bulgaria, or for events two days or longer in BulStream Studios. Charges are based on the number of crew members and number of days that they have to travel. Additional fees for studio space rental may apply.
Setup and Tear-down fees are waived for events of one full day or longer.
Post-Production Hr €30.00
Post-Production refers to any work done after the video has been shot. In this case, that usually means additional editing. Video editing times can vary greatly, but as a general guideline you can assume two hours of editing for every finished hour of video for events where camera shots aren't changed frequently (like a business conference), up to two hours per minute of video for fast-paced cuts like a music video. Usually when an event is switched live post production is minimal, if any is needed at all.
Equipment Total
Crew Total *
Delivery/Other Fees